The Frontier Brothers – You Should Start A Band (Music Video)

“A posse of drunk and inconsiderate bears party their way to The Frontier Brothers’ underground concert.” Credits: Direction – Matt Schwartz Editing – Pascal de Maria Director of Photography – Nathan Harris Production Assistant – Leslie Hamiter, Trey Trevino Bears: Brian Coyne Brian Moses J Mack Slaughter Travis Newman Special Thanks: Ajax Glass Lone Star Oyster Bar

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    7 gedachten over “The Frontier Brothers – You Should Start A Band (Music Video)”

    1. SOLID!!! Pleasure working with you guys as always. Here’s to the next time around having a budget! Best of luck

    2. love it! i want to start a band. hope SXSW is treatin you guys well– say hi to TX for me

    3. brett..this is zina this is really cool!! 🙂 i will definitely follow your guys from now on!! haha

    4. heeeeey it’s my best friend. what an awesome video, LOL@marshall attacking the bear, RAAAAWRRR!!!

    5. My band opened for these guys in Tucson when they came in. They are so good. Keep it going guys 🙂

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