“The Oyster Empress” (The Princess Chronicles- Part 3)

theprincesschronicles.com To Learn more about the characters and places in the story go to the official website above. Script and storyline by me 🙂 For the new people, I don’t have a production company. I do the acting, editing, special effects you name it. I am a self-professed nerd. I also play all the characters; the mystical sea urchin, Pearl- Empress of Oysters, and the all the sand smorks 😉 (yes I actually blow my money on weird costumes haha)

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    25 gedachten over ““The Oyster Empress” (The Princess Chronicles- Part 3)”

    1. OMG, the oyster empress’s voice XD lol, it was so funny! And like always, really great video.

    2. This is very good Venetian Princess! Your work goes so much deeper than simply celeb parodies (those are great as well!)

      Nice to see your full range in writing & acting here, keep up the great work.

    3. venetian princes you are the law of the videos..!! why don´t you make a movie..? it will be awesome..!! long life 2 the princes..!!

    4. dude they shud like make a movie of this man reminds me of Ummm Pirates of the carribean

    5. lol “i made sure my oompa loompas were properly trained” haha thats hilarious!!!

    6. hey vp are u on a television show or in a movie because when i searxched ur name on googler it said u were famous lol

    7. OMG, this was soooo good! all of them are! VP, u rock! and are very very good at editing!!!!! 😀

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